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Code of Conduct - Parents and Spectators

It is important for all club parents and spectators to set an example not only for their own children, but also in the presence of opposing teams.
Remember that children learn by example.

  1.  Encourage children to participate, do not force them
  2.  Focus on the child's efforts and performance rather than winning or losing
  3.  Encourage children to always play according to the rules and to settle disagreements without resorting to hostility or violence
  4.  Appreciate good performance and skilful play by all participants
  5.  Verbal or physical abuse of umpires, coaches, players, opposing parents, or any other official will not be tolerated
  6.  Respect the umpire's decisions and teach your children to do likewise 
  7.  Show appreciation for the efforts of the players, whether it is our team or the opposition, irrespective of the outcome
  8.  Respect the rights, dignity and worth of evry person regardless of their gender, ability, appearance, cultural background or religion
  9.  Spectators are not allowed to give any instructions to a player on the court, only the coach is able to direct a player. Spectators are allowed to say "well done" or "good pass" and encourage. This applies to all age groups
  10.  Do not criticise any umpire, team official, player from either team or opposing spectators either directly or in conversation
  11.  No parent/spectator is to approach an umpire requesting that they 'observe' behaviour of any player on court, nor to question any umpire ruling

Unacceptable behaviour by parents, spectators, coaches or players is taken seriously by our Club and SAUCNA.
Approaches are not to be made directly to anyone suspected of unacceptable behaviour but are to be directed to the President or Secretary of Hallett Cove Netball Club as soon as possible following the match in question.
Hallett Cove Netball Club will take up the matter with the relevant parties following the complaints process laid down by the Association.