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Court Time Policy

Approved: April 2018
Review: March 2020

Minor Rounds

All players are to receive equal court time throughout all minor rounds, regardless of the player's playing positions and abilities. All players should play a minimum of two quarters in all matches.

Coaches are to ensure all players, particularly young junior players, are given the support and encouragement to develop their netball skills by providing them with a variety of positional changes.

Coaches are required to keep accurate records of all player rotations (position and time off) during the season.

Non Attendance at Training  (Winter Season)

Players who miss a training session or are unable to complete a full training session may only receive half a game the following week. This is in addition to their normal time off with regard to player rotations. Coaches have some discretion in enforcing this policy, taking into account family/school commitments, however it must be carried out in a consistent manner for all players.

Players should be made aware of expectations regarding training at the commencement of the season.

Coaches are required to keep accurate records of the players that attend each training session.

Major Rounds (Finals)

Team selection for all major round matches will be at the coach's discretion, allowing the coach to play the best combination of players for all finals matches. However, all players should play a minimum of two quarters in each final.

The coach is required to ensure all players and parents of junior players are aware of this requirement from the beginning of the season and that they are reminded prior to the commencement of finals.

Fill Ins (Minor Rounds) 

A fill in player will only be sought when a team has less than 7 players.

When a team shortage occurs, replacement players should be sought firstly from other Hallett Cove Netball Club teams after consultation with Club Secretary and relevant coaches.
The club attempts to avoid using players from outside the club to fill in, instead using players who are already registered with the club.

If a player from outside the club must be used, they must register with SAUCNA by completing a registration form (available from club secretary) and submitting it with the scorecard.

When a team has only 7 players but 1 player has indicated that they are not confident they will be able to play a full game or feel they are only able to play 1/2 a game (returning from injury or illness etc) the player must determine if they will be able to commit for the full game or make the decision not to play at all, allowing the coach to obtain a fill in. The player can then sit on the sidelines and be used only in the case of an emergency.

A fill in player cannot be put on the court at the expense of a registered team member who has indicated they are available for a full game.

Fill Ins (Finals) 

Teams that only have 7 players available for finals matches are permitted to allow a player from a Hallett Cove team not playing finals to be used as a fill in.
The player will only play should an injury/illness occur.

Injured Players

Players who leave the court due to injury should be carefully considered before returning to the court.
Any player who is treated on the side with ice should take no further part in the game (with the exception of minor finger injuries).

Players returning to netball after a length of time away from the game due to injury are required to obtain a medical clearance from their medical practitioner (doctor, physio etc) before they can resume training/playing.

Players must fully participate and complete at least one training session before resuming matches on Saturdays (winter season).