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Team Selection Policy

Approved: 18 Jan 2018
Review: Jan 2020

Registration and Team Composition
A completed registration form with the nominated fee must be received by the Club Secretary by the due date. After the due date, registrations will only be accepted if there is a vacancy in the relevant age group.

Teams shall be made up of 8 or 9 players.
A team will have 10 players only if that number of registrations is received by the nominated due date and there is no opportunity to move players into a higher age group.

Team Selection
Team selection processes will take place for each age group for where there will be more than one team.

Players are placed into teams first by age group and then by position and skill level. The best player in each position is selected first, while the remaining 1 or 2 places are selected based upon positional balance, utility players or combinations (work well with the different players). Where possible, positional balance across all teams within an age group is desired.

The process that occurs for 8 & Under and 9 & Under age groups will vary depending on the number of teams, and the varying levels within the age group. Formal trial processes will not take place in these age groups.

Teams will be selected by a Grading Committee consisting of experienced club coaches and will include at least one member of the Committee. The Committee will determine the composition of the Grading Committee each year just prior to Squad Training.

Each age group will have a member of the Grading Committee coordinating their Squad Training process. Other available Grading Committee members will assist. The Grading Committee will also ask for input from past and current coaches of the player cohort, as well as from Committee members and senior players.

Playing Out of Age Group
Selecting players out of age group is not recommended, but will be considered by the Grading Committee on an individual basis.

Reasons for a player playing out of their age group include:
  • If the club is not able to have a team within a player eligible age group tht matches the player's standard or ability, or, does not have a team strong enough for players to play at the same or higher standard/division as last season
  • If the age group above does not have enough players to create teams with the ideal number of players
  • If an age group has too many players to create teams with the ideal number of players
Players playing out of their age group will be selected in an appropriate standard team, but will not take the place of a similar standard player playing their age group.

If it is proposed that a player be moved out of age group, both the player's and their parents' permission will be sought before the player is moved.

Player Requests
Players/Parents can make requests to play in the same team as another player. These requests must be received by the Club Secretary in writing prior to the commencement of Squad Training. Only reciprocal requests will be considered by the Grading Committee but cannot be guaranteed, as the priority of the Grading Committee is to create strong, well balanced teams across all teams and age groups.

In the event that a request is able to be met, both players will be graded on the ability of the lower division player.

Squad Training
Squad Training is the process used to select teams. Squad Training will take place over a minimum of two session, however the Grading Committee may choose to add additional sessions if they deem necessary.

Players will be given approximately equal court time during Squad Training. However, due to an over abundance of players nominating for similar/identical preferred playing positions, and to allow all players a guarantee to trial in their preferred positions, some players may be required to trial more often.

Due to the above, players may also need to play in a position other than those positions named as preferences to ensure enough players are on court for trials to proceed. Every attempt will be made to give players opportunities to Squad Train in their first nominated position as often as possible.

Following the Squad Training process the Grading Committee will meet to put together the teams using the information the have from Squad Training, along with the input from other individuals observing each age group.

Once teams have been selected, coaches are than appointed to teams based on nominations received.

Summer Team Selection
As players remain in the same age groups for the Summer Season as they were in for the previous Winter season, the club does not conduct a formal grading process. Instead a paper grading takes place, where the emphasis is on keeping Winter teams and players together where possible.

Any new player to the club for Summer will be asked to supply information of playing history and preferred positions and they will be placed into a team of appropriate level where a vacancy occurs.